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 Screen rooms can have all sorts of purposes. They are structures that cover a part of your outdoor living space. This might be a spa or a swimming that you want to close for a particular reason. Or it could simply be a patio area. There are many benefits of opting for a screen room, rather than simply leaving your outdoor living space as it is. At All Quality Constructions, we can sell you the very best screen rooms, designed especially for your own specific needs. We will also make sure that the structure is put in place by people who know exactly what they’re doing.


Your screen room could function as a pool enclosure. This is what many people do opt for when they have a pool in their back garden. Let’s face it; cleaning out the dirt and debris from the pool is never much fun. And do you really want to take a dip in a pool that gets filled with leaves and other bits and pieces? This is a problem that can quickly disappear if you do decide to purchase one of our pool enclosures. And the same logic applies if you have a spa area in your garden too.


All the pool screens and cages we sell are made with the strongest aluminum framing. This is also coated with ESP and fitted with mesh fiberglass screening. You can choose what kind of design features are best for you. The enclosure can be white or bronze, and you can also decide which kind of roof style fits in with the rest of your home. Whether it’s hip, flat, mansard or gable, we’ll be able to put it in place for you. The overall finish when everything has been put in place will be very strong, and it will complement your property well.


So, what are the key reasons to have a screen room or cage fitted in your outdoor space? Aside from keeping things out of your pool, it can also keep your family safe. Things like wasps and mosquitos can be kept away from you and your family when you’re trying to spend time outside. The frame is very strong, so you won’t have to worry about anything like deterioration. And there is no maintenance work that you will have to carry out either. You will have to put fewer chemicals in the pool because it will be protected from the environment, and this can save money. Other people in the neighborhood won’t be able to gain access to your pool, meaning trespassing won’t be an issue.


We’ll always aim to achieve a design that does exactly what you need it to. Every screen room we create is custom-made. This ensures that you don’t have to put up with a design that is not quite right for your home. If you want to talk to us about buying a screen room, you can call us or fill out the info form on our website. You could also drop by in person at All Quality Construction, 2562 W. Indiantown Rd, Jupiter FL 33458.

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